“I would recommend Ardmore Fintellix to any bank that is looking for a cost-effective, informative and straight-forward stress testing solution.”

– Leslie McGowen, VP, Commercial Lending, Valley Green Bank

Industry Leading Stress Testing approach which meets or exceeds all regulatory expectations for stress testing in community banks today.

We have been delivering industry-leading outsourced stress testing analysis and reporting to community banks since 2008. Our process and approach has been well received by state banking organizations, the OCC, FDIC, FFIEC and State Bank Examiners. If your institution lacks the data and resources to perform bottom-up stress testing, our top-down capital stress testing model provides a highly effective alternative to engage in industry-recognized stress testing best practices. We successfully link concentration analysis and stress scenarios based on local market credit conditions to create meaningful, actionable results for your bank.


  • Combines both “ Bottom-Up ” concentration stress testing & “ Top-Down ” balance sheet capital stress testing
  • Includes assistance with creation of loan data file and a review of loan coding standards
  • Identifies concentrations that make up 60-80% of your portfolio
  • Determines appropriate stress test scenarios & parameters
  • Identifies missing data based upon bank concentration & stress model requirements

Ardmore Fintellix can save your Bank time and effort, while meeting or exceeding your management, board and regulatory expectations for stress testing.



How Ardmore Fintellix helped a bank derive maximum benefits from a cost-effective stress testing approach


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